by Jerry Clarke

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A greedy man doesn't know what he's got. He is always striving, striving, and never arriving. He is cursed with a hunger that can't be sated. Today, my cup overflows with Gratitude. What do I do with all this Abundance? Why, share it , of course. I am grateful to have been able to work with John Ballinger, Greg Mcfall, Sean Daniel, and all these talented artists.

ABUNDANCE was designed to be listened to Front to Back, like a traditional album. Enjoy this hi-resolution, fully mastered album with a nice headset, or great set of speakers.


released February 20, 2017

© 2017 Jerry Clarke All Rights Reserved
Producer: John Ballinger & Jerry Clarke
Sound Engineer: Mark Wheaton
Sound Design: John Ballinger & Jerry Clarke
Recorded @ Catasonic Studios, Echo Park, CA
Mastered @ Resolution Mastering, Sherman Oaks , CA
Album Art: Jerry Clarke

Jerry Clarke- Lead Vocalist, Acoustic guitar

John Ballinger – Guitars, Vocalist, Banjo, Melodica, Cajon, Mandolin, Piano, and Synth

Greg McFall – Electric Bass, Upright Bass, Vocalist

Sean Daniel – Drums, Percussion

Laura Martin – Vocalist

Kevin McCourt – B3, Piano, Wurlitzer Piano

Sean Franz – Tenor Sax

Scott Wright - Trumpet, Piccolo Trumpet

Matt Fish – Cello

Amy Sanchez – Horn

Jessica Basta – Vocalist



all rights reserved


Jerry Clarke Los Angeles, California

Jerry Clarke is an artist living in Los Angeles, CA, with his lovely wife, Karen.

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Track Name: Thinking
Album Intro: Cheeto Benito iL Duce!

Thinking -Lyrics

I KNOW its tuff, but you should try to help.
Sitting there just thinking ‘bout yourself.
LIFE is more than Selfies and your Face.
STUFF the phone and join the Human Race.

Thinking, I’m Thinking.
Thinking, I’m Thinking.
I’m Thinking.

NOW’s the time to celebrate that Smile.
GIVE away some laughter for a while.
There's CRAP enough for you to BITCH about!
Grab a person’s hand and help them out.


Another winter coming down on me,
another winter’s coming down.
Voices in my head it won't let me be,
another winter’s coming down.

Hold me close and never let me go.
Melt my heart and shield me from the Cold.
I never thought that you would be the one.
Your eyes are shining brighter than the Sun.


Hold me close and never let me go.
Track Name: Two Birds
What does it take for two birds to fly?
I ain’t no bird,
I'm just a man.
But you make me fly higher than,
any woman before or since then.
Can’t you see?

I'm open to any fresh ideas.
How to conquer this well worn fear,
that keeps it down and keeps me from taking flight.
What does it take for two birds to fly?

I'm calling you from the Grave.
It's gonna be alright.
Just hold on tight.
What does it take for two birds to fly?
Track Name: Station Fire
Burn, let it Burn.
Orange and Cauliflower Sky.
Firemen and Angels can't save you,
and neither can I.
Burn, Let it Burn,
Oh, what more can I do?
‘cept standing here holding you hand,
Whispering, 'I love you'.

Sometimes it's good for a Change.
We burnout some ol' brush from our brains,
It’s no use in crying for rain, baby.
It's all gonna grow back, again.

But in the meantime...

Burn, Baby, burn!
Ashes floating to the ground,
People spit and say, 'I'm leaving LA!',
But me, I'm sticking around.

Burn, let it burn!
Oh, what more can I do?
'cept standing here holding your hand,
Whispering, "I love you!”

Wake up, wake up! We’ve got quite a fire!

Another winter coming down on me, another winter coming down.
Voices inside my head, keep on telling me…
Coming down.
Track Name: Only Love
I was alone, no one at Home.
Bats in the belfry, Gone.
Crazy. Lazy. Bats in the belfry.

I never knew someone as selfish as you.
Tell that Shrink of your to get a job!
Stop whining and take it!
Sleep in that bed, you made it!
Pull those bootstraps up and be a man.

I was alone, no one at Home.
Bats in the belfry, Gone.

Time to get out of the way.
We’re here to seize the Day!
I don’t know where it goes, but it goes!
I don’t know where it goes but it goes!

That’s all there is. Only Love.